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Delivering your software projects - we handle software development, as well as project and requirements management.

  • Digitalization
  • New product development
  • Maintenance of existing software
  • System integrations
  • Cloud services
  • Mobile development

Vast experience

All of us have 10 years of experience of software development. Our professional background is international and includes work in a wide variety of fields, from the newspaper industry to financial services.


All of us have over 5 years of experience of working with agile methodologies, in particular Kanban and Scrum, and we're experienced in working with agile implementation and coaching as well.


Regularly scheduled demonstration meetings and careful work time reporting help us offer you complete insight in the progress and cost of the project.

Focused on your needs

One of the most important factors for a successful software development project is a thorough understanding of the client's needs. We work on this closely together with you as part of our agile development approach.

Cloud experts

The cloud offers scalability and cost efficiency. We prefer Microsoft Azure and our DevOps approach guarantees the best possible operations of your business solutions.

Delivering continuously

Aiming to maximize the value for you, we're utilizing effective tools and working practices that allow us to transform ideas into real value quickly, continuously and consistently.

Recent Projects

Päikky Administration

Client: Abilita

Reidi has, in cooperation with Abilita, planned and developed Abilita's new web-based tool for the municipal administration and operations of day care and preschool.

The system is developed with focus on streamlining and automating process flows that previously have been done manually. The degree of automation and many other configuration options make the system adapt to the specific needs of each customer.

Some main parts of the system include:

  • Communication with the national messaging- and identification service
  • A web service to receive applications and other submissions from a third party
  • Advanced automatic fee calculation based on information from the national population- and income registers
  • Advanced automatic calculation of invoices and integrations with invoicing systems
  • Reporting using Microsoft Power BI
  • Automatic reporting of statistics to the National Agency of Education
  • A diverse set of tools to facilitate the administrative work, such as notifications, an auto-updated to-do list, commenting-functionality, different logs etc.
  • Visual aids, such as maps and different graphs, to help the user to make decisions

It has been very easy to cooperate with Reidi. Their way of working is structured, and they are fast to find concrete and economical solutions to different problems.
- Petri Tapaninen, Product Manager
Johan, Andreas and Jens are skilled at understanding problems as well as at finding and providing solutions. They have a wide range of competences that complement each other in a great way.
- Tomas Johansson, Development Manager


As three passionate developers, we discussed how the best software solutions are created. We identified the main pillars of success as technical excellence in synergy with an obsession on high quality communication between our team and the client.

We wanted to use our experience within the field to help others. We wanted to be committed and focused. We wanted to work together, to build elegant business solutions with our clients.

That's how Reidi was born.


We're genuinely interested in your business and curious about how we can make your goals become reality. We've worked with many solutions and are always eager to see how that experience can help us on our next project.

Focused on your needs

We understand that you want to act fast and value or flexibility on all levels. As we're a small, tight team, we're always up to speed and ready to act on your needs.


We're committed to generating the highest possible value for you, both immediately and long term. Get in touch and we'll discuss more!


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